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    Hey ... Thanks for visiting

    Feel free to look around in complete anonymous wonderment.
    Heck, that's what I'd do. :)

    But as you're lurking around the studio archives, if you find yourself wanting a little Amy background as a primer, the following may come in handy:

    This might really help put thangs into perspective;

    This sorta, kinda, maybe translates some Amy-speak and provides context for some of the proper nouns showing up on the prompter from time to time; and,

    This and this definitely offer exhaustingly detailed information about me that if you memorize may someday help you win a game of Trivial Pursuit - 15 Minutes of Fame Edition.

    And, if after reading all that,

    You still haven't been scared away ...

    And find yourself with an unsettling urge to contribute to the Amy banter,

    I'd love to hear from ya,

    But before you comment to one of my posts,

    Please read this, and

    I also advise you to read this.

    And then ...

    After all of that,

    If something klicks in your noggin' and ...

    You think you know me, wanna know me, or are simply glad you don't know me and feel the need to share that information with me,

    Then send me an e-mail.

    I'm horrendously slow are responding to e-mails,


    Horrendously slow,

    But I do respond.


    Thanks again for visiting !

    Long live the Browncoats !

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November 01, 2006

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November 25, 2005

November 21, 2005

November 14, 2005

November 10, 2005

November 08, 2005

Click The Pic

  • In the mood to be bored to death ? Well, then click the pic above to see my mobile phone photo album containing pictures I take randomly throughout the day from my mobile phone. It's a complete waste of time, trust me. But if you find yourself in need of killing a few secords of your life and can do so without remorse, then this might just be the ticket ! :) And if you want to make a comment about a pic in particular, do it here for now, at least until I get a chance to make commenting to my photo album an actual option. :)

Another Lame Admin Message

  • I'm trying to set a cname record to point to this typepad thang so that I can purge any reference to typepad in my permalinks ... I'm not sure what'll happen when I attempt to do such, because up until now I've been just domain forwarding and masking because I lost patience waiting for it to propagate. So if things get dorked up for a bit, that's why. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. I'll make up for it though ... trust me !! :)
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